Hi, I’m Aira! I’m from the Philippines. Yes, it is very hot here, in case you were wondering. Reading is my passion. I cannot go a day without reading anything. My entire family loves to read, and my parents have always encouraged me to read. I made this blog and my book vlog, because I just find it to be very fun. I love reviewing books and talking to people about books. It just excites me!

I encourage all my friends to read. Whenever we’re together, I always make it a point to stop at bookstores and encourage them to buy some books. I’m pushy like that. My friends always ask me to recommend some books for them to read, so that also contributed to why I created this blog.

Random Things About Me

1. Another passion of mine is baking.

2. I love studying. I’m not even kidding. I finished college and started my graduate studies at 19 years old, and I also finished a 3 month pastry arts program. I just love learning new things.

3. I’m a hopeless romantic. Whenever people complain that the romance moved too fast in some books they’ve read, I almost always disagree. I just want the characters to fall in love and live happily ever after. Leave me alone about it okay?! 
4. I love to travel, but I make sure to always bring books with me. My family always reminds me that I need to experience the places we go to without my head buried in a book or my eyes glued to my kindle. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. Delayed flights? No problem. 

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