Review: Sweet Little Lies (Sweet #2) by Abbi Glines


After facing a truth she never imagined, Beulah has to find a new path. Build a life without help and take care of her sister alone. Or does she…review3-stars

This series has a lot of flaws, but I can’t stop reading.

It turns out Beulah and Jasper are cousins. It’s not just a mistake, they really are related. This makes me really uncomfortable, but whatever.

I knew Stone and Beulah were going to become a thing. I was expecting it. I still don’t like Stone that much. He’s too withdrawn and too cold. I didn’t get to know him very well. Sure, he helped Beulah when no one else would, but he could’ve been nicer. I’, kind of withdrawn from the characters. Beulah is too nice. She’s also extremely gullible. I want to shake her, she frustrates the hell out of me. Here’s to hoping she grows a back bone in the next book.


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