Review: The Darkest Sunrise (The Darkest Sunrise #1) by Aly Martinez


Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.Whoever coined that phrase is a bald-faced liar. Words are often the sharpest weapon of all, triggering some of the most powerful emotions a human can experience.
“You’re pregnant.”
“It’s a boy.”
“Your son needs a heart transplant.”
Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.
Syllables and letters may not be tangible, but they can still destroy your entire life faster than a bullet from a gun.
Two words—that was all it took to extinguish the sun from my sky.
“He’s gone.”
For ten years, the darkness consumed me.In the end, it was four deep, gravelly words that gave me hope of another sunrise.
“Hi. I’m Porter Reese.”


This was so raw. I could feel Charlotte’s depression in every page. It was heartbreaking to read about her going through everything she did.

It’s been years since her son has been kidnapped, but the overwhelming pain is still there. She’s just going through the motions like a robot, until she met Porter. Porter’s wife has been dead for years as well, but what she did still haunted him on a daily basis. His son Travis is also really sick, and he’s doing everything he can to save his little boy from death.

Porter and Charlotte recognized something in each other. The same guilt and darkness that they know is within them, is also in the other.

I saw the twist coming. It was really bound to happen. I’m happy that it clarified a lot, and even with the challenges that Charlotte and Porter will face in the next book, at least they’ll finally have peace with the new revelations.


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