Review: The Bound by K.A. Linde



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Cyrene Strohm is a Queen’s Affiliate, a high-ranking official of the court of Byern, with power and privilege to spare. But she’s also a keeper of dangerous secrets: like the fact that she holds the heart of the King, and that she possesses magic in a world where magic no longer exists. Determined to discover what this means and how to use her newfound abilities, Cyrene sets off for the distant land of Eleysia. An island nation where Affiliates are strictly forbidden from entering. But the journey is perilous, and the destination may mean utter ruin, as Cyrene comes to learn that everything she’s been told her whole life – about her court, her homeland, and even herself—are bound in a beautiful lie.


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Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.53.20 AM4.5 stars

Cyrene has left the safe confines of the castle to travel and learn more about herself and her powers. The king is looking for her. He believes that she has been kidnapped, and he feels a strong need to save her.

This book had more adventures in it. I enjoyed it even more because of that. Cyrene’s journey developed her character even more. I liked her even better in this book compared to the last. There were also more swoony moments! The last book wasn’t focused on romance, and I’m not saying that this one is, but it did have more romantic scenes compared to the last book! I appreciated that. The new characters were also a nice addition. I loved them!

I wish I could have waited until the next book came out to read this. The ending was such a cliffhanger!

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