Review: Watch me Rise by Tara R.


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After the loss of her brother, Chloe Reed left Fairville for a fresh start. Now she is back to get answers to the questions surrounding her brother’s death. But coming back home isn’t easy, especially when it’s a home filled with painful memories, a home where her life was ripped apart. However, there is someone who has been stuck in her head for a long time who makes it all easy. Her knight in shining armor who saved her life two years ago. Nick Grayson. Except this time maybe he needs saving.
Nick Grayson is back in the town of Fairville where it all started. The town that left him with nothing but guilt and regret, the town where he destroyed a family. He met Chloe on the worst night of his life. He knows he doesn’t deserve her but he can’t stay away – and neither can she.


Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.53.20 AM4 stars

Nick is still plagued with so much guilt. He takes all the crap he received from his family, because he truly believes that he deserves it all. Chloe is still drowning in grief. Her mother is in rehab, her father left them, and her brother is dead. No one looks out for Chloe except her best friend Danni. She’s still hung up on Nick. She truly believes that he saved her life the day they met.

I found Nick and Chloe’s relationship to be very healthy. They helped each other heal. They were both broken, but they didn’t pull each other down. They were hard on themselves, but they supported each other to no end. What they both went through was tragic, but they conquered it together.

It would have been much easier for both of them to heal if their families were there for them. Nick’s family didn’t treat him fairly. They didn’t handle the situation with care. His father was especially cruel. In the end, they reconciled, but I didn’t agree with his parenting skills.

Everything worked out for Nick and Chloe in the end. Having the right person by your side will help you get through anything.




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