Review: In the Eye of the Storm (Storm and Silence #2) by Robert Thier


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In the desert, an instant turns life into death and hate into love. In the desert, everything is different. Boundaries break down, and you find yourself doing things that you would never, ever have imagined.

Lilly Linton finds this out the hard way: in the shadow of the pyramids, she and her boss, cold, calculating Mr Ambrose, must face death and danger together. Is the desert’s heat enough to melt the cold heart of Britain’s richest financier?

Sequel to Robert Thier’s #1 Hit ‘Storm and Silence’

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.53.20 AM4.5 stars

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

The way the first book ended hurt my heart! I knew that the author was writing the second book and posting it on his wattpad, but I wanted the finished copy. I wouldn’t have survived reading bits and pieces. That would have been a form of torture.

This book was magical. It made my heart so happy. Mr. Ambrose and Lilly certainly had more moments together, and each one was so precious. I felt so frustrated at times when they were being stubborn. I wanted to knock their heads together!

Lilly has certainly gotten a lot stronger in this book. I felt like she endured a lot more, and instead of her breaking down and giving up, she used those challenges to better herself. I really admire her.

Rikkard Ambrose is still a mystery to me. I really hope that we get to learn a lot more about his past in the next book. I feel like his past will be quite interesting. He’s still stubborn, arrogant, and aggravating; but I love him.

The author has written some chapters from Ambrose’s POV, and it made me so giddy! I’m so thankful for that. It really made me appreciate his character more, and I felt a little closer to him.

I’m not a fan of historical fiction, but I really love these books. I hope you all start reading this series, and I hope you enjoy these books as much as I do!


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