Review: Storm and Silence (Storm and Silence #1) by Robert Thier


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Freedom – that is what Lilly Linton wants most in life. Not marriage, not a brood of squalling brats, and certainly not love, thank you very much!But freedom is a rare commodity in 19th-century London, where girls are expected to spend their lives sitting at home, fully occupied with looking pretty. Lilly is at her wits’ end – until a chance encounter with a dark, dangerous and powerful stranger changes her life forever…

Enter the world of Mr Rikkard Ambrose, where the only rule is: Knowledge is power is time is money!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.53.20 AM4 stars

Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I never expected to adore this book so much! It’s so gripping and intense. It reminds me of a more action packed pride and prejudice. I absolutely love that book; especially the movie.

Lilly was wonderful. I loved how fearless she was, and how she wanted to break down barriers. I sympathized with her. I absolutely cannot deal with mysogynists, so reading about Lilly who lived in a time when the world was filled with them was aggravating, but extremely fun. Lilly is extremely strong, witty, and brave. I admired her reluctance to accept that she was physically and mentally weak because she was a woman.

Mr. Ambrose confused me. He made me want to punch him in the face, but he made me want to hug him as well. It was funny how he gave Lilly a job. He could have had her removed from his building or sent her to prison, but he didn’t. I see you, Rikkard Ambrose.


I’m so glad I had the chance to read this book! The characters were all wonderful. They made me laugh so much, and they also made me cry. I want the next book NOW! I NEED IT.



16 thoughts on “Review: Storm and Silence (Storm and Silence #1) by Robert Thier

  1. I read this while he was writing it on Wattpad (the second books is sorta up, if you are interested) and I absolutely LOVED THIS. It’s so funny and interesting – there’s never a dull moment. I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀


  2. Am I right that this was like one of those really popular wattpad stories?? I think I’ve heard of it before! I’m glad it seemed to surprise you!! That’s always such a good sign 🙂


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