Review: Sweet Pea by M.B. Klein

Nature Common Peony in pink and close up

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.53.05 AMTwo people that should not have met. Two people that changed each other’s lives. After leaving the FBI, Tim was reestablishing himself back in his home town and in his Philadelphia law practice. A random text from a wrong number send Tim to a bar named Shenanigans to see if the woman matched his imagination. Sweet turns out to be more than he hoped for and the one that he couldn’t help but follow. Sweet tries to walk away, but when their worlds keep intersecting, she’s unable to hold herself back from the growing attraction. But she’s guarding her heart and he’s guarding secrets.

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Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

Tim received a text message telling him to go to a bar named Shenanigans at 7. It was the most fun he’d had all day, so he decided to go to the bar to see the woman who had sent him the text message.

Sweet and Tim see each other the first time in Shenanigans. It was obvious that they were attracted to each other. Tim tried to ask Sweet out, but she was quite hesitant and turned him down. She’s been hurt before, so she wasn’t eager to risk getting her heart broken again.

Tim was persistent though. When he finally got Sweet to agree to date him, they clicked instantly.

There is some intrigue in the story concerning Tim, but it didn’t overshadow the light atmosphere of the book. Nothing like a good contemporary novel to cozy up to!

I’m really curious about Ned and Gloria! What’s up with those two?!


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