Book Promotion: The Town Dance by Nikki Skies

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Lorna Simon, has plans to diminish her resume of safe journalism and be known for reporting trendsetting stories. Certain she can persevere her impressive family lineage within her carefree lifestyle as a social butterfly, this notion is put under fire after a night of partying thrusts Lorna into being a newsmaker instead of a news writer. Lorna alleges she has become the victim of a sexual assault crime committed against her by a woman, Trista, who is a promising event planner and an associate of Lorna’s mother.

Paralyzed with the humiliation of having to publically defend her sexuality as a heterosexual, Lorna must decide to believe in her bouts of memory loss and forego the incident or rekindle her passion for journalism to protect her livelihood and uphold the integrity of her family.





Nikki Skies is an accomplished poet, author, and playwright living in Atlanta, GA. Skies is the

author of the short story book, “Mississippi Window Cracks” and the collection of poetry and

prose in the book, “Pocket Honey, Wind & Hips”. Skies is also known for her fiery

performances as a featured poet in venues across the country and an inspiring speaker and

workshop facilitator on varied topics.

As a speaker, Skies engages on the topics of: “Missing-the Impact of Feminine Images in Arts”,

and “The Rise and Demise of Women in Hip Hop & Poetry”. Her poem, “One Day White

Woman”, on beauty standards between black and white women, has been used as curriculum in

Oakland’s Women Prison System and San Diego State University for multicultural/diversity

lyceum programming. A firm believer in the power of education, the Grambling State

University alumna, who also studied for her Masters at Howard University, uses her art as a

teaching tool to encourage an interest in literacy.

“The Town Dance”, is the dramatic debut novel from Skies. More information can be found on

Skies on her blog at

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