Thoughts While Inside a Bookstore

1. Okay, I’m not buying anything. I’m just here to relax or read some books that I may buy some other time.

2. Wow, I’m not really interested in this book, but I kinda wanna buy it. No, Aira, put it back.

3. OH. MY .GOSH. They finally have this book?! After 5 months. Yup, I have to buy this, I really do. It’s so rare that I see a print copy of books that I want to buy in my country. I have it on my kindle though, and I haven’t read it yet. No, no, put it back, you bought this for like $5, stop it.

4. THEY HAVE ANOTHER BOOK I’VE BEEN WANTING FOR MONTHS!!! Of course I’ve got it on my kindle! Just great! Why do I even buy ebooks when I’m not going to read them immediately after buying it?! Because I’m impatient and I have a problem.

5. Oh no, they have the book I LOVE. I LOVE THIS. I read it on my kindle, but it makes sense to buy it in print because I love it that much, right? Yes, yes, that makes sense.

6. No, put it back! You’ve read this before why would you buy it in print?! Yeah, okay, you’re right.

7. Ooo a starbucks! They have a new flavor, how nice. Wait, I don’t like coffee.

8. Oh oh oh! Fro-yo. Yes! I love fro-yo. This is so sour. I love it so much.

9. Wow the new releases section has really good books.

10. Do not give in to temptation Aira. Walk away. Just walk away.

11. Oh look, a book that everyone seems to love but has never sparked my interest. Let me grab it and read a few chapters.

12. Why do I not like it?!

13. I’m gonna put it back exactly where I saw it. I love the employees here!

14. Oh look, almost all the employees recognize me. I basically live here.

15. Gonna ask customer service for a book I’m not gonna buy, but I just have to know if it’s available.

16. I also have to touch it. Just to feel it.

17. They have it oh my gosh!

18. Am I supposed to follow you while you’re searching for the book, or do I just stand here waiting?

19. I’ll follow you.

20. You look really pressured right now since I’m being creepy and just standing here.

21. Do I go back to the counter or…..

22. Oh great you found it!

23. You’re really nice, I like you. I’ll remember you the next time I’m here and smile really wide and probably wave too enthusiastically. (I do this a lot. I look so weird, but I just really like being extra nice to people who are really patient and bubbly while they’re doing their jobs!)

24. Wow the cover looks way nicer in print. I do not have this on my kindle yet, thank God!

25. Yup. I have to buy it.

26. Yes, I would like to have it covered. No, please do not remove the price tag. I want to punish myself and remind myself every day of the time when I was weak.

27. Oh man I bought another book.

My favorite bookstore in the Philippines has to be Fullybooked at BGC! When we go to California, I always go to Barnes and Noble at The Grove! Where’s your favorite bookstore? What thoughts do you have when you’re inside a bookstore? šŸ™‚

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