Book Vlog!!!

So I started a book vlog! I was incredibly terrified to start it because I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I did not know how to edit videos and I did not know how to make my videos look more professional. I had A LOT of excuses! I really wanted to do it, so I started researching and trying to absorb as many new things as I could. It was a long and exhausting journey, but I did it! I actually did it. I still can’t believe it, and I’m still terrified, but I did it. 

I guess my biggest enemy was myself. I doubted myself and i would always think about ways on how i could discourage myself and trick myself into thinking I could not do it. I let go of all of that and just did what I’ve always wanted to do. 
I hope that my videos would inspire you to read more and pick the books that I’ve been reading up. Give them a try and let’s discuss together! 🙂 

Happy reading! 


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