Review: Second Chance Holiday by Aurora Rose Reynolds


Mike Rouger isn’t looking for love. He decided long ago that he would rather stay single than get mixed up with a woman again. Then Kathleen Mullings comes back into his life with her teenage son and changes everything. What happens when a man set in his ways meets a sassy woman who knows what she wants? Mix in the Mayson clan and the Christmas season and you’re sure to enjoy the ride of Second Chance Holiday. 


4 stars!

I love the Until series; so when I heard that Mike was getting a novella, I was really excited and happy! 
Mike is November’s dad, and November’s mom really messed him up. He avoids relationships because of what November’s mom did to him; so when he and Kathleen “Kat” saw each other again after thirty-one years, they did not jump into a relationship. 

Kat’s husband is a cheating, pathetic, good for nothing jerk. When she sees Mike again, she wasn’t ready for a relationship too, but after almost a year of no commitment she’s changed her mind. She ends things with Mike and proceeds to try to find someone who can stay with her for the rest of her life. It did not go so well. 

Mike finally broke out of his haze and tried to get Kat back. It was all sweet and funny. It was nice reading about Mike trying to help Brandon (Kat’s son) with his issues. I hope he gets a book too!!

I was so happy when I found super short christmas stories of Asher, Trevor, Cash, and Nico. 

Thanks for that Ms.Aurora!