Review: Her Soundtrack (Masquerade, #1)


“Fairy tales don’t exist. There are no knights in shining armor and for all I know there is no such thing as real, honest-to-God, Earth-shattering romance. There is only comfort and ease when it comes to real love. I should consider myself lucky to have found someone who I’m comfortable with. There are no waves, there are no bumps in the road… so why do I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin?”

Life for Gabriella had always been straightforward, albeit a bit boring, but a passionate, almost magical, encounter with an enigmatic stranger catapults her into evolving into stronger version of herself. Her evolution does not come without consequence, though. Gabriella learns the hard way that turning on the lights can reveal just as much ugly as it can beauty. She discovers that the comfortable relationship she’d been idling in for too long is, in fact, far more dangerous than she ever imagined and finds herself desperate for the inexplicable comfort she finds in the arms of a stranger.



Gabriella is from a very religious family. She has been with her boyfriend David for years and they haven’t went beyond kissing and hugging. Gabriella likes to think that this is because she is so religious and she wants to save herself for marriage, but it’s not that at all. She just doesn’t feel sparks when David touches her and he’s more of an acquaintance that you kiss sometimes when you feel like it rather than a boyfriend. There’s just nothing there. 

Gabriella and her parents go to Italy for her father’s business. Gabriella’s mother hears of a masquerade party and tells Ella. They were supposed to go together, but some problems came up which led to Ella going to the party on her own. 

While she was there, she meets Jonathan. Jonathan was very forward with Ella and instead of feeling repulsed, she was aroused. 

“At that moment I knew, there was no way I wasn’t going to give in to Jonathan di Luca.”

Jonathan led Ella down a staircase and proceeded to give Ella what she’s never experienced with anyone before. 

“The feeling of his touch on my skin, the emotion-everything was too much to handle. I had never felt like that before in my life.”

Before things go too far, Ella pulls away from Jonathan and runs away from him. She couldn’t believe that she almost gave in to a stranger. 
Ella goes back to New York. Ella is a nurse and she was supposed to be forgetting Jonathan di Luca, but it’s kind of hard to do that when she sees him in the hospital she works at and he is introduced to her as the board member who donated the new wing for the hospital. 

Ella tries so hard to stay away from Jonathan, but it just wasn’t possible. They go through a lot of trials together and I got so frustrated with Ella when she pushed Jonathan away. I wanted to reach inside my kindle and slap some sense into her. 


I loved this book and I hope Jonathan’s sister Claudia gets her own book. Pretty please R. Matthews. I love her and she deserves to be happy! 

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