Review: Until Lilly (Until #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds


When Cash Mayson was forced to choose between the love of his life and his unborn child, he knew exactly what he had to do. No matter how broken it left him. 
When Lilly Donovan was forced to accept that the guy she loved wasn’t who she thought he was and became a single mother, she knew exactly what she had to do. Proving just how strong she was. 
What happens when years later you find out that everything you thought you knew was a lie? 
Can two people who once loved each other overcome the obstacles that are thrown at them and fall in love all over again?
Cash Mayson had forgotten how it felt to be loved Until Lilly came back into his life. And now that he remembers, he will do everything within his power to keep not only the woman that he loves, but also his children. 
The power of love is a beautiful thing.



I loved the first two books in the Until series, but this one is my favorite! 

Four years ago, Cash and Lilly met at a coffee shop. Cash insisted on paying for her coffee which proceeded to annoy the hell out of her. Lilly, being a complete klutz, spilled coffee on him and hit him on the chin with her head. Cash knew then that Lilly was the one for him. 

They spend time together, date, and fall in love. After their wonderful night full of love, everything crumbles the day after. 

Cash finds out that he got one of his hook-ups pregnant. The girl is a lunatic and she’s threatening to get an abortion if Cash doesn’t give her all of his time. He has no choice but to save his son. He breaks up with Lilly in order to not get her caught up in the mess that is now his life. 

Lilly finds out she’s pregnant and texts Cash to tell him. She receives cold replies from him and she is angry and heartbroken. She has to do what’s best for her baby since the father of her unborn child wants nothing to do with the both of them. 

Years later, they meet again. Cash is with his son when he sees Lilly and a little girl calling her mommy. His first reaction was surprise because the little girl looks exactly like his son. His second reaction was anger because he knows that the little girl was his daughter and he’s angry because Lilly did not tell him about her. As the truth comes to light, all Cash feels is regret and guilt. Lilly was still hesitant to trust Cash, but he was going to make sure that she trusts him again so that they can finally be a family. I just felt so sorry for the both of them. 

“I’m going to make you fall in love with me again.”

Cash fought so hard to win Lilly back, and when he finally did, I couldn’t be happier! They were so amazing together and they were even more amazing as parents to Ashlyn and Jaxon. 
I loved the moments when they would spend time with their children. It was just so adorable and it gave me warm fuzzy feelings. 

Let me get to the not so good parts. Jules. Every bad thing that happened in this book was Jules’ fault. I just hated that woman so much. She’s a horrible mother to Jax. She doesn’t care about him one bit. Everyone in Cash’s family hated her since she made it her mission in life to ensure that they did. 

When Jules wasn’t in the picture, everything was delightful. 

I’m glad that even though Jax’s biological mother was a total bitch, Lilly was more than happy to be a mom to him. I love second chance stories and this book is one of my favorites now! 

I’m so excited for Nico’s book! 

“I found her. I found my boom.”

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