Review: Break Me (Make or Break #2) by Amanda Heath


“Wes, I don’t know what you want me to say here.” Royal’s voice is broken. Maybe he is broken. Maybe I broke him. Lord knows I’m broken myself.
“Don’t say anything,” I start off with. There are so many things I want to tell him. The one thing I want him to know, that I want him, I will never say aloud. “When push comes to shove Royal, you’ll break me. I’d never be the same after you. I’d be a shell of this girl.”
His face pales but he doesn’t step away. Something I had planned on. His hands caress my face before he says, “You have that wrong, Wesley. You’ll be the one to break me.”

Wesley Bridges was lost between the living and the dead. She was clinging to her boyfriend, who passed away unexpectedly. She was left with having no way to move on. Her best friends, Annabella and Pierce were too caught up in each other to save her. Even her family turned a blind eye, not able to bear her grief. 

Then one day, Royal Sanders walked into her life. Tall, dark and sinfully handsome, but aren’t all the unattainable ones? At first it was nothing. She was asked to tutor him and found he’s different than even she thought. She even turned to Royal when things got too hard. And when she falls for him, she falls hard. 

But Royal’s the enemy. A long drawn out hatred brews between her friends and Royal’s. That doesn’t seem important to her, considering she’s still in love with her dead boyfriend. A love triangle between life and death…who will win? 

Grief is a powerful emotion but there are several different kinds of grief. Betrayal and heartache are still knocking on her door. Things are about to come crashing down around her. It will definitely break her, but will Royal be enough to save her? 



Wes is in a state of depression. Her boyfriend was killed by a drunk driver and she still hasn’t been able to get over it after six months. Her cousin and best friend Pierce is not comfortable with emotions, so he hasn’t been much help to Wes. Her other best friend Annabella is too self-absorbed to see that her friend is wasting away. 

Royal needs a world history tutor. If he fails history, he’ll get kicked off the swim team and his father won’t pay for Juilliard. Royal doesn’t really have the best history with women. He’s athletic,  devastatingly handsome, and rich. 

Wes and Royal develop a friendship because they understand what it’s like to be lonely. Royal’s parents barely come home, much less pay any attention to him and his twin sister Rachel. Wes’ so called friends aren’t there for her when she needs them. They were bound to be friends, but it turns into something more. Wes was doing well and moving on with Royal when she finds something that destroys her all over again. 

I love that Royal tried so hard to win Wes’ heart. Wes loves reading historical romances, so what does Royal do? He courts her. 

He wrote her a letter. That letter was beautiful. 

I thought he couldn’t top the letter, but he proved me wrong with the songs. He sang to her every night for two weeks. 

I loved almost everything about this book except Annabella. I liked her in the first book because I thought she was kinda nice, but I hate her now. She’s manipulative, insensitive, and so freakin selfish it’s unbelievable. I never want to read about her again, but I have a feeling she’s going to have a big role in the third book. I’m super excited for the third book, but highly disappointed with the choices of who I think will be the main characters. I’m guessing there will be more drama because of the big revelations at the end of Break Me! 


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