The Ballad of Aramei (The Darkwoods Trilogy #3) by J.A. Redmerski


Everything about Adria Dawson’s life has changed in unimaginable ways: the shattering betrayal of her mother, the fight for her life and sanity…the loss of her humanity. But now Adria must face the ultimate challenge and risk not only her life, but the lives of everyone she loves at the wrathful hands of Isaac Mayfair’s father.

Determined to help unravel a mysterious message deeply rooted in an unhinged mind, Adria becomes obsessed with traveling into Aramei’s turbulent past to see the truth of how the relationships and betrayals between the Mayfair and Vargas bloodlines were formed.

Meanwhile, Adria and the Mayfairs are doing everything they can to smoke out and trap the Praverian traitor. A trip to Providence uncovers not only an old family line who are enemies of the Praverians, but also raises questions about the Praverian’s true agenda.

But the traitor will be caught. People will die. And Adria’s destiny to be the cause of a war will come to pass. But what could a kind and simple girl like Adria Dawson ever do that could be considered an act of war? The landscape of the werewolf world will be forever changed in the climactic conclusion to The Darkwoods Trilogy.

This song was in my head while reading this. 


WHOA. That’s how you end a trilogy! This book was freakin UNBELIEVABLE. This series is definitely one of my favorites! I’m sad that it’s over, but I’m satisfied with the ending. 

The story picks up where Kindred left off. Adria is now facing new challenges. Isaac’s father wants her to communicate with Aramei and find out what she wants to tell them. Adria is so brave and she doesn’t let Trajan boss her around without having something to say about it. 

Now another problem that they have is the Praverian traitor living among them. The praverian traitor is someone close to them and he/she hates Adria and wants to kill her. I’d like to say I was surprised who the traitor was, but I’m not. A lot would not see it coming, but I did because I never liked that character. 

The lengths that the people in Isaac and Adria’s life do in order to help them are heartwarming. They have each other’s backs and you can feel the love and dedication they have for one another. Isaac’s love for Adria is so great that I could feel it while reading the book. 

I love having a look at Aramei’s past. It makes everything clear and it was very well written. 

Trajan’s love for Aramei is limitless. He loves her so much and I would have swooned over him, but he has a lot of issues. First, he loves Aramei, ONLY Aramei. Second, he’d risk his children’s life and his kind’s life just so Aramei could live. Third, he feels nothing for anyone EXCEPT Aramei. I love his devotion to her, but if you can’t show compassion to others, it ruins the whole thing. 

A truly wonderful and fantastic series! I’ll miss all the characters! 

5 STARS!! 


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