Review: Kindred (The Darkwoods Trilogy #2) by J.A. Redmerski


Isaac Mayfair is hiding a dark secret. And just when Adria Dawson thinks the worst of her life among the werewolf world is over, she learns the secret that can rip her and Isaac’s love apart. Adria must come to terms with what the truth means for her. What it means for her life and how much time she has left to live it. She must choose between two different fates, neither of which can offer life as a certainty.

As if Isaac’s betrayal isn’t enough, Adria learns that there are things out there older and more powerful than werewolves could ever be. An archaic entity known only to few as the Praverian, unlike anything Adria has ever known or heard of.

As Adria struggles with her own fateful dilemmas, she must also try to find out why the Praverian is so interested in her and do everything in her power to stay out of its way.


This book was better than the first. It was more action packed and it had me on the edge of my seat while reading it. I was so keen on figuring out what was wrong with Adria and what was bugging Isaac.

There were a lot of Isaac and Adria moments, but they both have their own secrets so it’s hard for them to really be together by keeping major secrets from each other.

I love the twists! I never saw them coming. (Well except Isaac’s secret. I accidentally clicked on the page where he confesses and I read his secret. I hate when that happens!)

Adria is a likable heroine. She’s not whiny and she thinks things through before doing them. She’s also not a drama queen. Good thing she was only mad at Isaac for one chapter. The secrets and revelations surrounding this girl are insane and I wish her the best of luck in the third book.

Isaac has all these responsibilities that would make a weaker person crumble. He has to take care of his family, pack, and most importantly Adria. You could really feel his love for Adria. The choices that he made were all for her. 

For some reason, I don’t like Zia all that much. I know that a lot would disagree with me, but she just annoys the hell out of me. 

I’m excited to start reading book 3! 


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