Review: King Hall (Forever Evermore #1) by Scarlett Dawn


King Hall — where the Mysticals go to learn their craft, get their degrees, and transition into adulthood. And where four new Rulers will rise and meet their destinies. 

Lily Ruckler is adept at one thing:  survival.  Born a Mystical hybrid, her mere existence is forbidden, but her nightmare is only about to start. Fluke, happenstance, and a deep personal loss finds Lily deeply entrenched with those who would destroy her simply for existing — The Mystical Kings.  Being named future Queen of the Shifters shoves Lily into the spotlight, making her one of the most visible Mysticals in the world. But with risk comes a certain solace — her burgeoning friendships with the other three Prodigies: a wicked Vampire, a wild-child Mage, and a playboy Elemental. Backed by their faith and trust, Lily begins to relax into her new life. 

Then chaos erupts as the fragile peace between Commoners and Mysticals is broken, and suddenly Lily realises the greatest threat was never from within, and her fear takes on a new name: the revolution.


I am so glad my sister made me read this! 

Lily is studying at King Hall, a school for the Mysticals. There are 4 kinds of Mysticals: vampire, mage, shifter, and elemental. I thought I was over this type of storyline, but I really enjoyed this because it was highly entertaining and the story doesn’t drag. 

After a tear inducing tragedy, Lily is suddenly thrust upon the position of a prodigy. 

Prodigies are the future kings and/or queens of the Mysticals. Lily had a lot of studying to do since she was only a sophomore who had to accelerate to being a senior so that she could catch up with her fellow prodigies.


This was definitely the thing about this book that took hold of my attention the most. Lily (shifter), Ezra (vampire), Pearl (mage), and Jack (vampire) had the strongest friendship ever. I really felt how much they cared about each other and it gave me fuzzy feelings whenever the would help each other out. They loved each other and they would anything to help each other out. They were a mischievous bunch and they always had me laughing because of their crazy antics. 

Funny, crazy, and adventure-filled! This is a definite must-read! 



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