Review: Today Only by Author D. Love


In life, there are times you are granted a miracle. It may not be the one you wanted exactly, but it will be the one you need. It will prepare you for the next step in your journey and help you learn to accept the life you are given, even if that life can be heartbreaking.

This was the song that was going through my head while reading this book.


Day 253: Mom met Jett.

Day 1: Had lunch with Rye & Em.

Rye is sick. She knows that she doesn’t have the luxury of living a long life, so she treats every day like it’s her last day. Her strength comes from her family, mostly her mom and her daughter Emily. 

Rye and Emily were at the March of Dimes when Rye bumps into Jett. Jett went to school with her, but she cannot remember him all that well because he looks different. Jett used to look like a nerd, but that wasn’t the case now. 

Rye didn’t want Jett to get too close to her because she knew she didn’t have much time left. This book was a short read, so the pushing away Jett in order to keep his heart safe part wasn’t agonizingly long thank God. 

“I know what I want, and I know what I need to do. One thing I’ve learned: life is not promised to anyone.”

The moment Rye decides that she wants to be with Jett is the best decision she’s ever made. Not only has she gained the other half of her soul, but Emily also gained a father.

Jett is such a special guy. Despite him being hurt once before because of his mother, he was willing to put his heart on the line because he really wanted to be with Rye. I also adored the way he was with Emily! He treated her like his own daughter and he was always there for her. 

I had to read another book while reading this because I couldn’t read it in one sitting. I had to take book breaks so the blow wouldn’t hurt so bad. I didn’t succeed since I still cried like a baby in almost every page. 


“I spent every day while I was in Iraq thinking it was my last. I lived and loved everything from one day to the next,” I say, taking a deep breath. “With the utmost respect Ms. Silcox, I will do the same with Rye. I refuse to walk away.”

“What I want from you is simple. I want today only. If it’s laughter, I want it. If it’s pain, I want it. Whatever today holds, as long as the day holds you, I want it. I want today only.”

“Rye, you are my breath. Sometimes I feel as though my heart only beats when you’re around.”

5 stars!


2 thoughts on “Review: Today Only by Author D. Love

  1. Good evening…while during a weekly search on Today Only I found you. I wish I would've know about this review, so I could have expressed my gratefulness. Thank you so much for taking time to read Today Only


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